Contribution to United-Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Protection of human dignity can be promoted and materialized through several leverages such as : people development (including education) ; access to basic healthcare services ; decent job.

First and foremost, BACKBONE takes care that the investment targets promote the human dignity through their staff. The main indicators measured are : compliance with labor law, access to training, extra-financial advantages, staff turnover rate.

Additional impact indicators (from the GIIN-IRIS database or specifically developed on a case-by-case basis) are used, depending on the nature and goals of each investment projects.

Our approach is embedded into the UN Sustainable Development Goals that BACKBONE has chosen to target.

Any investment target must comply with the stake of “Sustainable economic growth” (SDG 8) and with at least one of the 4 business sectors listed below

BUSINESS SECTOR Targeted SDG SME selection criteria (ex-ante)
  • SDG8
  • Decent working conditions
  • Creation or maintenance of sustainable jobs
  • Access to financial services
Sustainable agri-business
  • SDG2
  • Higher agricultural productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers
Community & Social inclusion (infrastructures, innovation, renewable energy, mobility …)
  • SDG1
  • SDG9
  • SDG7
  • SDG11
  • Manufacturing, distribution of products or services at affordable prices, meeting the basic needs of low-income populations
  • Industrial know-how and innovation, preserving human dignity
  • Works and services for essential infrastructure
  • Affordable housing and basic services
Medical care
  • SDG3
  • Access to quality essential health-care services
  • SDG4
  • Access for all women and men to affordable and quality technical, vocational and tertiary education, including university


Pre-Export Financing, Peruvian Coffee


PERENE is part of the 80 coffee production cooperatives in Peru. It is responsible for collecting, preparing (washing, fermentation and drying) and exporting coffee. It was founded in 1966, in the wake of the emerging cooperative movement to allow individual farmers to sell their production on international markets, to which they do not have individual access.


Amount: 375,000 USD
Maturity: 1 year
Purpose: Financing of coffee production
Guarantee: Assignment of purchase orders

Social impact
– Increased income for local farmers
– Fairtrade coffee marketing


Medical Equipment in Mexico


The clinic and maternity hospital San Gerardo was created 25 years ago. It was bought by Dr. Juan-Carlos Guevera Lima, 14 years ago. This clinic exclusively treats low income population. The first public hospital is 1-hour away. An extension project is underway as the needs for basic health services for the local population remain largely unmet.

LogoClinicaMaternidad-San Gerardo

Amount: 75,000 USD
Maturity: 3 years
Purpose: financing of core medical equipment
Guarantee: pledge of equipment and personal guarantee

Social impact
– Access for all to quality affordable healthcare services


Transportation Equipment in Ivory-Coast


OT-CI was founded in 2002 to open up the country’s Western region which was dramatically underserved for people travelling from other regions, including from the city of Abidjan.
Today, OT-CI is one of the most recognized companies with 12 branches across the country, more than a dozen destinations and 17 trips per day from Monday to Sunday.

Amount: 200,000,000 XOF (+/- 300,000 EUR)
Maturity: 3 years
Purpose: financing of 5 mini-buses
Guarantee: pledge of equipment and personal guarantee

Social impact
– Easier access for the population of remote rural areas to the largest cities of the country
– Low-cost transportation service